First Filter Wrapped on Pipe Screen

Wrapped on Pipe Screen

Wrapped on Pipe Screen is a high-strength wrap-on-pipe sand screen which is designed to be used in demanding sand control situations.

The Wrapped on Pipe Screen construction incorporates an all-welded, high-strength screen jacket that is wrapped directly onto the base pipe, creating an interference fit between the jacket and base pipe. The end ring is welded directly to the screen jacket and to the base pipe, providing an extremely strong bond.

Product Characteristics

  • Keystone shaped slot pattern, less prone to plugging, self-cleaning mechanism permits less maintenance.

  • Superior resistance against corrosion, excellent durability allowing long life span in all applications.

  • Optimized design for perforation, fully welded structure, high mechanical strength and structural integrity compatible with corresponding casing size.

  • Smaller screen OD compare to wire wrapped screen. Closer proximity of screen to pipe or zero gap yielding significantly higher durability and overall screen strength integrity.

  • Minimum slot opening of 0.004" which meets or exceeds almost all well completion requirements.

  • Superior flow area and permeability of screens.

  • Extremely precise welding and highest standard of quality control. Reduced welding process and accessories required as screens are directly wrap and welded onto pipes eliminating weak points.

  • High slot tolerance of +/- 0.001 at 9.5%.

Product Details


  • Long extended reach and horizontal wells
  • Standalone screen with Inflow Control, ICD
  • Cased-Hole and open-hole achievements
  • Particularly well suited for fracturing, high-rate water pack and standalone screen operations
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Features & Benefits

  • Innovative wire shape provides maximum erosion resistance and strength compared with standard configurations
  • Improved design reduces washouts caused by necking of warp wire

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