First Filter Interceptor Premium Screen™

Interceptor ™ premium screen is designed for a variety of completion applications. The combination of a protective shroud, a unique filter mesh and the inner jacket deliver optimum productivity and extended screen life.

Product Characteristics:

  • Three layers (protective Louvered Shroud, Dutch Twill Mesh and Wire Wrapped Inner Jacket) act as one which gives superior mechanical strength and performance through a special process that causes the individual components to behave as a single layer.
  • Swaging makes it possible to produce screen without welding the mesh which gives superior corrosion resistance and prevention against Hez (heated effected zone).
  • Swaging process that causes the three layers of the Interceptor™ premium screen to behave as one allows for increased burst and collapse operating limits.
  • Inner jacket increases production rates with a greater flow area for oil and gas between mesh and the perforated pipe: this feature ultimately reduces pressure buildup rates and increases erosion resistance of the metal media
  • Can be manufactured with any alloy, including 316L, Incoloy 825, etc, for


    Interceptor™ Premium screen can be used as either a standalone product or in conjunction with any gravel pack system: it has become the preferred open hole or open cased hole completions. INCLUDING:

  • First Filter Interceptor Flo

    Interceptor Flo is a premium downhole sand exclusion device that incorporates the combination of protective shroud and unique filter mesh to deliver the optimum productivity and strength for extended screen life. The drainage layer design, consisting of an inner shroud and mesh is a more cost effective option to the wire-wrapped drainage layer used by Interceptor.

    The applications, features and benefits are those of Interceptor Premium Screen. The difference is that Interceptor Cross-Flo is a more cost effective option than Interceptor.

    Features and Benefits:

  • More cost effective option to the Interceptor

  • First Filter Interceptor Flex

    First Filter Interceptor High Strength

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