First Filter Perforated Pipe

Perforated Pipe Description

Used as a base pipe for wire wrapped screen, pre-packed wire wrapped screen and more. It is designed to allow liquids to enter or exit through small holes or slots along the pipe.

Product Characteristics

  • Slots are made on base pipes with large ID/OD ratio.

  • High mechanical strength, high flexibility to allow adequate bending, which makes it applicable in complicated well conditions, and can be used in open-hole horizontal well completion for sand control.

  • Low cost in manufacture and downhole installations.

  • Open hole area: 2%-6%.

  • Base pipe: J55, N80, P11 0, etc.

  • Holes can be staggered or in a straight line as the following picture from Fig 1 to Fig 3. Holes are commonly arranged in a spiral shape, a straight pattern is requestable.


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