First Filter Wire Wrapped Screen

Wire Wrapped Screen Description

A slip on wire-wrap jacket attached to the base pipe. It is a tough and long-lasting screens designed for gravel-pack and standalone screen installations in cased-hole and open-hole environments. With a design that has 10 times more inflow area than slotted pipe of the same opening size, the well's longevity increases.

Constructed with keystone shaped wire, allowing a self-cleaning action and greater flow area. Each wire is welded individually to the support wire, offering greater strength.

Product Characteristics

  • Key-stone shaped slot pattern, low risk to plugging, easy to clean

  • Superior resistant to corrosion, long lifespan in applications

  • Optimized design for perforation, all welded structure, high mechanical strength which is competitive with casing of the same size.

  • Minimum slot opening: 0.004 inch, which can satisfy the most of well-competition requirements.

  • High flow area.

  • The technicality is mature, and has good adaptability.

Product Details


  • Highest rated mechanical strength
  • Premium screen with back up filtration

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Structural Design

  • Innovative wire shape provides maximum erosion resistance and strength compared with standard configurations.
  • Higher number of ribs provides greater strength and tolerance for the life of the screen
  • Improved design reduces washouts caused by necking of wrap
  • Screen design can be customized based on specific requirements

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